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Data & Technology Strategy

Explore the Digital Frontier

The digital landscape is wide and deep for businesses today. Knowing where to apply effort and for what purpose is a challenge any future-thinking organization struggles with. We enable companies to extract value by identifying new technology capabilities, smoking out insights from existing data, and refining or transforming current IT operations to increase access to data and insights.

Technology Terrain

We believe it takes experience, honesty and the ability to quickly and accurately identify areas of opportunity. We also believe that the most successful strategies begin and end with honesty. Lakelet Strategy only recommends technology solutions that make sense for your specific objectives.

An Integrated Path

From measuring and organizing raw data and analytics integration to minimizing risk and maximizing compliance processes, Lakelet Strategy guides your business to your desired information technology destination.

Data Management & Quality

Inventorying, organizing, consolidating and standardizing organizational data is becoming critical in today’s world of analytics and algorithms. Lakelet Strategy experts build a framework for establishing the “single source of truth” that is aligned with the strategic plan, and then partner with business segment leaders to establish that single data repository.

Analytics & Reporting

Lakelet works in lock-step with leadership and with business segment staff to use data from the single source of truth to create dashboards and reports using the latest BI tools and methodologies.

Technology Risk & Compliance

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for mission-critical processes and information for any business. With our partners, we work to understand your organization’s total security footprint, identify key risks, develop mitigation plans and work with leadership and staff to implement both technology and appropriate processes.

Attain New Heights

Contact the accommodating consultant group at Lakelet Strategy to begin the journey toward prolonged success.

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