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Office of the CFO

Kept Safe & Secure

Today’s leading CFO’s are more than keepers of finance information. They drive organizational change to align operations and strategy; they provide guidance and qualify critical decisions for the Board, the leadership and business segment management; and they serve as the voice of the CEO and Board for all stakeholders. Lakelet Strategy’s team understands the broad and complex scope of these responsibilities and challenges with first-hand experience in solving them.

Finance Finesse

It's more than numbers. Our clients call on Lakelet Strategy when they need an independent perspective, and proven hands, for solving unique challenges the modern-day CFO faces.

From Start to Fin-Tech

Whether you require organization design, planning services or overall finance technology optimization, Lakelet Strategy alleviates the burden of the CFO.

Finance Organization Design

To meet the demands of today’s operating environment, while also planning for tomorrow’s uncertainty, transforming your finance function from the ground up is what’s required. We’ll build and execute on a roadmap to cultivate a finance function capable of meeting the daily tactical needs as well as providing decision-capable information for strategic planning.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Many businesses are hard-pressed to identify, consolidate and analyze all the financial and non-financial data for insights. We work to fully understand your business and develop enterprise financial models that enable scenario analyses and regular financial forecasting, driving improved decision-making.

Finance Technology & Optimization

Between robotic process automation tools, the promises of machine learning and AI, it’s difficult to know where to start and how to ensure the investments in technology actually deliver the benefits your financial leaders expect. In our approach, Lakelet maps the specific challenges and end-state goals for the finance function, and works to build minimum viable solutions for those goals, implementing the right tools and processes along the way.

Attain New Heights

Contact the accommodating consultant group at Lakelet Strategy to begin the journey toward prolonged success.

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